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15-cw12 — Dock me Amadeus

19. März 2015

Some much for regular blogging rebooted. Anyway, here’s a roundup of past findings.

Docker significantly changed the way I work. But it’s still a love-hate-relationship. I like how you define containers in a self-documenting, reproducable way. ATM it’s perfect for development. However, in production I still feel blind shooting and having nightmares in terms of security. I’m always afraid a wrong issued command might bust the host firewall through its fiddling with iptables (because it did more than once with different firewalls in the past). And while all major cloud providers are jumping on the docker ship, the software itself states that it’s still meant for development environments only. docker-compose (formerly known as fig) boldly states within its help screen: „Fast, isolated development environments using Docker.“. Maybe they should reconsider their versioning being above 1.0 already.

On the coding side, I’m still trying to make friends with the Java world. Slowly I’m feeling more welcome here (mainly thanks to

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